John Stone: The Hard Kill

by EvilTwinBrian on

The first book in a new series is available on Amazon. John Stone: The Hard Kill introduces the first of four new characters in a series of books capturing the feel of our favorite action movies from various decades. My brother Allen (also the evil twin?) came up with the idea, and we just ran with it. This first book has the 80s one-man-army vibe, full of fast paced action, explosions, car chases and gun fights.

Like I said, this is the first of four, so we’ve already got drafts for the next two. Chance Hunter is a detective with the skills to handle himself in a fight, inspired by the martial arts heavy 90s. Ty Octane is our adrenaline junkie tapping the high-speed movies from the 00s. The last is Millie, who’s style is inspired by the lethal no-nonsense tactics used by the action stars of today.

Spilled Milk: Two Percent Power Book 2

by EvilTwinBrian on

Spilled Milk, book two of the Two Percent Power trilogy, is available now on Amazon! It’s currently only available for pre-order, but the book will be live (automatically downloaded to your Kindle device if you pre-order) on November 1st. You can order it here.

With the egotistical super villain, Sight, brought to justice, Patrick and the other superhero saviors get some much-needed downtime to rest and recuperate. But when a new threat, the Brotherhood of Armageddon, arrives, the team must band together again to fight for the city. Will this new menace be too much for Patrick and the other heroes to overcome?

Spilled Milk: Book 2 of the Two Percent Power trilogy.

Here’s a peek at the full-color cover (colors by the talented Thomas Mason).

Work on the final book in the trilogy has begun, and it will be available Winter of 2017.