October 24, 2016

Spilled Milk: Two Percent Power Book 2

by EvilTwinBrian on

Spilled Milk, book two of the Two Percent Power trilogy, is available now on Amazon! It’s currently only available for pre-order, but the book will be live (automatically downloaded to your Kindle device if you pre-order) on November 1st. You can order it here.

With the egotistical super villain, Sight, brought to justice, Patrick and the other superhero saviors get some much-needed downtime to rest and recuperate. But when a new threat, the Brotherhood of Armageddon, arrives, the team must band together again to fight for the city. Will this new menace be too much for Patrick and the other heroes to overcome?

Spilled Milk: Book 2 of the Two Percent Power trilogy.

Here’s a peek at the full-color cover (colors by the talented Thomas Mason).

Work on the final book in the trilogy has begun, and it will be available Winter of 2017.

My YouTube Channel

by EvilTwinBrian on

I spent the first half of 2016 focusing on art, and posting speed drawing videos up on YouTube. My goal was to build up my channel by posting “the process” of my art and get plenty of practice drawing. That changed in July when I finally decided to get off my butt and release my first novel (that I wrote at the end of 2015). I didn’t expect writing to fully consume my days, but after Two Percent Power: Delivering Justice came out, I just kept going and finished up the second book, Spilled Milk.

Unfortunately, that meant my art took a back seat. And while I’m finishing up the trilogy (scheduled for release early 2017), I still want to do more art, and hopefully, post the videos to my YouTube channel. I skipped Inktober but seeing all of the artwork from other artists I follow has inspired me to pick up the pencils and pens again.

Anyway, take a look at my funky pencil grip in the video below:

Check out my YouTube channel (youtube.com/c/brianmanningart) for more…

Two Percent Power: Spilled Milk – Cover

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Two Percent Power: Spilled Milk is in the home stretch! The cover is currently being colored right now, but here is a preview of the lineart. This is an homage to the classic John Romita cover for Spider-man issue 151. My brother, Allen, handled the inking chores for this cover.


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This is book 2 of the Two Percent Power trilogy, so if you haven’t already read Delivering Justice (book 1), you can pick it up on Amazon.com here. If you have read it, please leave a review and let other readers know what you thought of it.

Tropes and Heroes

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Recently I got a message letting me know that Two Percent Power now has a page on TVTropes.org. I went to the page to have a look and I was shocked. The page meant that not only did someone read (and enjoy) Two Percent Power, it meant that they liked it enough to list out all of the superhero tropes used in the book. Check it out.

And if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, you can pick it up on Amazon.com. Do you agree with the tropes listed on the site? Did you like the book? Please leave a review (on Amazon) and help others find out about Two Percent Power as well.

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